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Well someone had a fucking party on the roof….

I look out of the window and be like… why





That’s it

(via dotagoliath)

We all hate sniper. That’s a fact. When that little b*stard shoots you from practically the other end of the map to nuke you for 4-500 HP and then taunts you… Well, it’s hard not to hate him.

Also, he is one of the most aggressive heroes in DotA 2, going by his responses.

- “Dying is easy. Here, let me show you.”
- “Thanks for standing still, wanker!”

But it all makes sense, if you read his lore. Sniper was probably very young when he took a test to shoot a steepstalker and - by fulfilling an old prophecy - ended up as an exile.

But if we look at Sniper himself, we can see that he is old - he has a long, white beard.

What happened in-between his exile and now? According to the prophecy, he had to gain fame on the battlefield to return to his kin. So, he sought battles to prove himself.

Can you imagine, being at war, constantly, from a young age? Probably losing friends and allies?

There are so many ways to deal with bloodshed. Ezalor forgets, Axe thirsts for it, Invoker doesn’t care he is too busy to flirt with a mirror.

But Sniper? Well, he went mad.

legit sure

legit sure

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